Tötal Harmönic Distörtion debut album release

Kyiv-based progressive/thrash metal band Tötal Harmönic Distörtion released its debut full-length album "Madkind". The official release date is October 27, 2015.

In September last year, the band unleashed the single "All Reasonable", which you can listen above. The record and album samples are available for listening and purchase on Google Play Music. "Madkind" was mixed and mastered by Blackmail’s leader Dmytro Kenda at the Kendabro Studio. The album presentation is to be held on November 8 in Kyiv’s club MonteRay Live Stage.


  1. Blindfold
  2. One Day Wonder
  3. Deathday
  4. Gone Insane
  5. All Reasonable
  6. On the Edge
  7. Protagonist of Agony
  8. Bad to Worse
  9. The World Is Over
  10. Good to Better
  11. Everything Ends

"Madkind" cover artwork

Madkind THD cover

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