Check 'Em All: May’s black metal releases

Check 'Em All: May’s black metal releases

Once again, we’ve listened to dozens of different black metal albums, from which we choose 13 albums released this May. The new selection includes the LPs from such well-known metal acts as Nargaroth, Hate, and God Dethroned, debut records from the up and coming bands Au-Dessus, Mountains Crave, and Wormwitch, as well as good releases from Wode, The Ruins Of Beverast, Al-Namrood, Slaegt, Dødsengel, F41.0, and Hermóðr. You can also check out our previous black metal selections posted in January, February, March, and May.

Nargaroth — "Era Of Threnody"

The German band Nargaroth released a new album "Era of Threnody" on May 16 via Inter Arma Productions. Having previously presented the lyric video for the song "Whither Goest Thou", the group’s founder René 'Ash' Wagner opened up and told about himself and his family:

"All my life I longed for the distance. As a child, I dreamed of sailing the seven seas and ran away from home more than once. As a man, I traveled the world alone, living in countless places. I sometimes think I am living my family's legacy. Which is being without a native country, expelled from their homeland, wandering through Europe, scattered around the world...."

Progenie Terrestre Pura — "oltreLuna"

"OltreLuna" is the second album from the Italian band Progenie Terrestre Pura, whose music is a mix of black metal, psybient, and ethnic. Very interesting release, which we recommend to listen to without fail.

Wode — "Servants of the Countercosmos"

"Servants of the Countercosmos" is the second album in the discography of the British metal quartet Wode. The band’s new release is a very bold and aggressive 6-track LP with a noticeable influence of death and thrash metal. The record was mastered by the musician and producer Brad Boatright (Sunn O))), Oathbreaker, Wiegedood, Zodiac), who has previously worked on the group’s debut full-length album "Wode".

Au-Dessus — "End Of Chapter"

"End Of Chapter" is the debut LP from the up and coming Lithuanian metal act Au-Dessus. With the new release, the band continued the tradition of laconic numbered track titles, and the May’s album, opening with the composition "VI", makes it quite clear about the "succession" in the group's discography. Musically, "End Of Chapter" also observes the fidelity to the previously set style — the LP is a mix of post-black and sludge with skillful posthardcore breaks, which make their debut studio record an excellent example of genre experiments.

The Ruins Of Beverast — "Exuvia"

"Exuvia" is a new album from the German one-man band The Ruins Of Beverast, which combines in its music shamanic chants, lingering howls, and various repetitive hypnotic inserts with atmospheric black metal and doom metal.

Mountains Crave — "As We Were When We Were Not"

"As We Were When We Were Not" is a fascinating melodious debut album by the British metal act Mountains Crave, which includes two members from A Forest of Stars. Well, the band's label Avantgarde Music as always holds the brand for high-quality releases.

Wormwitch — "Strike Mortal Soil"

Another debut album, this time from the Canadian band Wormwitch, combining the gloom of black metal with the rock’n’roll’s drive.

Al-Namrood — "Enkar"

"Enkar" is a new release from the band Al-Namrood, whose name translates as "the non-believer". Their music can be described as a black metal, closely intertwined with thrash metal, noticeable oriental chants, and ethnic instruments features. The band’s lyrics are dedicated to ancient history and anti-religious themes, despite that Al-Namrood is based in Saudi Arabia, a state where blasphemy and atheism are punishable by death.

God Dethroned — "The World Ablaze"

"The World Ablaze" is the last release of the Netherlands black/death metal act God Dethroned in their trilogy dedicated to the First World War. The record was mixed by the Swedish producer and multi-instrumentalist Dan Swanö, who has worked with Asphyx, Avulsed, Cut Up, Hypocrisy, Katatonia and many other bands. Mastering was done by Sander van der Heide, who has previously worked with Scorpions, Epica, and Rage. Follow the link to watch God Dethroned’s music video for the LP’s title track.

Hate — "Tremendum"

"Tremendum" is the tenth album from the Polish act Hate, playing blackened death metal. Commenting on the release, the band’s leader Adam 'ATF Sinner' Buszko said that the new LP has different Slavic references and a nighthawk depicted on its cover (a nocturnal bird which was believed to bring souls to this world and take them away from dying people) as a symbol that best conveys the album’s meaning. Below, you can hear the release’s opening track "Asuric Being". The full album stream is available on Apple Music and Deezer. Also, follow the link to watch Hate’s video for "Numinosum".

Slaegt — "Domus Mysterium"

"Domus Mysterium" is the second album from the Danish metal act Slaegt, which, with a new release, has departed noticeably from the raw black, typical for their early works, and towards heavy metal and more refined studio sound.

Dødsengel — "Interequinox"

"Interequinox" is the fourth album from the Norwegian duo Dødsengel, whose music is described as "esoteric black metal" and "occult opera" by their label Debemur Morti Productions.

F41.0 — "Bürde"

The German band F41.0, whose name is a medical term for panic disorder, raises in its compositions relevant topics about fear, panic, and mental problems. The project’s latest album "Bürde" was recorded by its only member Hysteriis and guest musicians — the drummer Tentakel P. and the vocalists Frederic, A. Schmied, Metvs, and Asgoroth — the last one was also responsible for mastering the material.

Hermóðr — "Hädanfärd"

Raw, but atmospheric black metal from the Swedish one-man band Hermóðr. All music, lyrics, and vocals are written and performed by Rafn, except for the song "Under frusen älv", where the vocal parts and lyrics belong to singer Helga.


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