Check 'Em All: March’s black metal releases

Check 'Em All: March’s black metal releases

For our February’s selection, we chose fifteen new black metal releases from concert musicians of Harakiri for the Sky, Mgła, Nightbringer, current and ex-members of Horna, Tsjuder, Behexen, Nordjevel, Agalloch, Aborted, Melechesh, and Seth, as well as albums and EP from various underground bands from Europe and America.

Anomalie — "Visions"

"Visions" is the third full-length release from the Austrian post-black metal band Anomalie, which features musicians (Marrok and Thomas Dornig) performing live with Harakiri for the Sky. Recording, mixing, mastering and partly production was handled by Markus Stock, the member of the German duo The Vision Bleak.

Pillorian — "Obsidian Arc"

"Obsidian Arc" is the debut album of the new band of Agalloch’s ex-leader John Haughm, which also includes Stephen Parker (Maestus, ex-Arkhum) and Trevor Matthews (Uada, ex-Infernus). According to the description, Pillorian was formed in early summer of 2016 with the goal to create a unique, sinister, and twisted style of dark/black metal.

Patria — "Magna Adversia"

The Brazilian band Patria was founded in 2008 by vocalist T.Sword and guitarist Mantus, the musician and prominent artist, behind whom is collaboration with Dark Funeral, Dimmu Borgir, Kreator, Slayer, and many other well-known metal bands. Patria’s fruitful discography includes 2 EP and 6 full-length albums, the last of which, "Magna Adversia", was released in early March this year. The record was produced, mixed, and mastered by Borknagar’s guitarist and founder Øystein Garnes Brun.

Fen — "Winter"

"Winter", released on March 10, is the fifth full-length release in the discography of the British trio Fen. According to the band’s frontman The Watcher, with this album, produced by Jaime Gomez Arellano (Ghost, Ulver, Primordial, Sólstafir), the group wanted to "return to the roots" and thus convey the "essence" of Fen in terms of tone, atmosphere and above all concept. Shortly before the release, the musicians presented a video for the track "II (Penance)", which is "a document of a band committed to true sincerity of performance, truly channelling the essence of their music".

Woe — "Hope Attrition"

"Hope Attrition" is the fourth album from the New York band Woe. The band was formed by Chris Grigg, who originally created the band as a solo project. This release became the debut record for the drummer Lev Weinstein and guitarist Matt Mewton who joined Woe in 2016.

Lantern — "II : Morphosis"

"II: Morphosis" is the second album from the Finnish duet Lantern, playing a skillful but dirty and morbid mix of death and black metal. In addition to the two main participants, the lead guitarist Cruciatus and the vocalist Necrophilos, the album recording also featured by session musicians J. Noisehunter (bass), St. Belial (rhythm guitar) and J. Poussu (drums).

Devouring Star — "Antihedron"

"Antihedron" is a fresh EP from the Finnish trio Devouring Star, hiding the names of its members and any additional information about the band. According to the group, the new release, consisting of three tracks, interprets "the relation between the world obscure and our physical presence".

Medico Peste — "Herzogian Darkness"

"Herzogian Darkness" is a EP from the Polish band Medico Peste, which includes one former and two current concert musicians of Mgła. And one of the members of the Polish duet, vocalist, guitarist and bassist Mikołaj Żentara, was responsible for recording, mixing and mastering of "Herzogian Darkness".

Acrimonious — "Eleven Dragons"

"Eleven Dragons" is the third album from Acrimonious, the Greek black metal band created by Thy Darkened Shade’s musician and its two live members, who also performed with Nightbringer. "Eleven Dragons" mixing and mastering was handled by Stamos Koliousis, who previously worked as a sound and recording engineer on the vocal parts for "Profan" by the Norwegians Kampfar.

Doedsvangr — "Satan Ov Suns"

"Satan Ov Suns" is the debut album of the Norwegian-Finnish project, consisting of musicians from Horna, Tsjuder, Behexen, and Nordjevel. The record was released in the limited edition of 1,000 copies via Immortal Frost Productions (Belgium).

Imber Luminis — "Nausea"

"Nausea" is the conceptual 10-track album about existentialism, inspired by the philosophical book "La Nausée" of Jean-Paul Sartre. The record belongs to the solo project of the Belgian musician Déhà (Clouds, Yhdarl).

Rebirth of Nefast — "Tabernaculum"

"Tabernaculum" is the debut full-length release from the former Irish and currently Icelandic project of the musician Stephen 'Wann' Lockhart, previously engaged in recording, mixing and mastering of Zhrine’s debut album "Unortheta".

Fäulnis — "Antikult"

"Antikult" is the third German-language album of the Hamburg-based band Fäulnis. The release took place on March 10 via Grau Records, which previously has released Agalloch’s records.

Forteresse — "Récits Patriotiques"

"Récits Patriotiques" is the rehearsal album of the Canadian band Forteresse. The recording was held in October 2016 as they were gearing up to the sixth Messe des Morts Festival. The album includes songs from the band’s previously released albums.

Svart Crown — "Abreaction"

"Abreaction" is the fourth album from the French black/death metal band Svart Crown, featuring former members of the bands Aborted, Melechesh, and Seth. Below you can listen to the release’s track "Transsubstantiation". Full stream of "Abreaction" can be found at the link.


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