​Review for split feat. Abigor, Nightbringer, Thy Darkened Shade, and Mortuus

The black metal bands Abigor (Austria), Nightbringer (USA), Thy Darkened Shade (Greece) and Mortuus (Sweden) released their split album on February 22. 42-minute record has neither its own title nor the titles of the tracks, each of which has the name of one of the four aforementioned groups.

Abigor — Abigor

The opening composition of the black metallers Abigor is a real avant-garde explosion, full of various musical elements from the academic singing inserts, soft acoustic parts and slowly rhythms to suddenly arising fast drumming and harsh growl. From black metal here — typical vocals, fast drums, and viscously dark atmosphere.

Nightbringer — Nightbringer

The composition of the American occultists Nightbringer is also full of gloomy colors but in a more restrained black metal way. Symphonic beginning with choir echo is picked up a sharp growl, supported by drum rhythm which at first muffled as if swinging, and then plays out to the full force.

Thy Darkened Shade — Thy Darkened Shade

The Greeks Thy Darkened Shade at once cover the listener with powerful drums, speedy guitars and ominous vocals. This intensity, set by musicians, doesn’t subside more than five minutes, and then it’s replaced by the piano part which with every increasingly low note brings you to a new series of blast beats and super-fast guitars. At the end of the sing, you can hear the epic a-la choral singing.

Mortuus — Mortuus

The track of the Swedes Mortuus begins with singing the words "Zamradiel", which ended Thy Darkened Shade’s song. Thus the group gradually immerses the listener in the sinister atmosphere of their music, where most of the time you listen to unhurried drums, punctuated by fast drum fills, slow repetitive riffs and supporting them wheezy growl.

After the listening to the last track of the split, it’s worth noting that it stands out against other similar releases. It seems like each of its compositions continues another one adding a little bit of individuality, but at the same time sounding harmoniously and solidly due to which the whole record is perceived as an integral work. The excellent release which doesn’t receive a proper attention.

By Anastezia


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