Dark art: February's selection of black metal artworks

Dark art: February's selection of black metal artworks

Each month, we select the latest black metal releases with the most interesting artworks. The debut article came out in late January. This time, the new selection includes covers by the artists and designers from Germany, Norway, Great Britain, Indonesia, France, USA, Brazil, and Russia.

For the main pic, we used the cover of the fourth album "The High Heat Licks Against Heaven" — the new release from the Norwegian black/death metal band Nidingr, featuring members of God Seed and Mayhem. The artwork was created by Jean-Emmanuel Simoulin known by the name Valnoir (Behemoth, Watain, Paradise Lost, etc.), with whom the band has worked since 2010.

The cover art for Fjoergyn’s fifth album "Lucifer Es" created by the German designer Krajamine.

The cover for the second album "Construct" of the international project Archivist. Designed by Alex CF.

The album cover for "Arrayed Claws" of the Italian band Lorn. Created by the Italian artist Joel Angelini.

The cover for Wiegedood’s new album "De Doden Hebben Het Goed II" by the Belgian photographer Stefaan Temmerman who has also worked with Amenra.

Pure Wrath’s solo debut album "Ascetic Eventide" of the young Indonesian multi-instrumentalist Januaryo Hardy. The artwork was created by his compatriot, artist and musician Aghy R Purakusuma.

The cover for the split by Abigor (Austria), Nightbringer (USA), Thy Darkened Shade (Greece), and Mortuus (Sweden). Author is unknown.

The cover art for the self-titled EP by the Norwegian project Ravengod, released in a limited edition in early February via Lafawijn Records. Author is Mathis Backe.

The cover for "Tôtbringære", the debut album by the Swiss black metal duo Ungfell. Author is unknown.

The debut album "Ballad of the Broken" by If I Could Kill Myself — the solo project of Ghost Bath’s vocalist, guitarist and pianist Dennis Mikula. The artwork based on XVI century's picture "Suicide of Lucretia" by the artist, known under the pseudonym Meester met de Papegaai ("Master of the Parrot").

The cover by the French photographer Nöt for "Through Lunar Gateways" of the Polish solo project Ars Magna Umbrae.

The artwork for the Brazilian black metal duo Carpatus’ third album "Malus Ascendant". The author is a well-known artist, designer Marcelo Henrique Vasco, who has worked with Belphegor, Borknagar, Dark Funeral, Dimmu Borgir, God Seed, Kreator, Slayer, and many other bands.

The cover for the Polish band Rotten Age’s second album "Upadek Światłości". Author is unknown.

The cover for the British band Nine Covens’ EP "Thy Unknowing Servants". The author is Richey Beckett who created the art for Mastodon’s single "White Walker".

The EP "Garmadh" by the Brazilian band Khazad Dûm. The logo author, depicted on the cover, is the iconic Belgian designer Christophe Szpajdel, who has collaborated with dozens of metal bands, such as Arcturus, Borknagar, Dark Fortress, Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Enthroned, Moonspell, Melechesh, as well as the Ukrainian acts White Ward and Elderblood. The basis for the artwork became the picture "Vesuvius Eruption" (XVIII century) of the English artist Joseph Wright.

The cover for the German band Ancst’s EP "Furnace". Author is unknown.

The album cover for the German black/thrash metal band Warlust’s "Morbid Execution". The author is Patrick 'Karmazid' Zöller.

The self-titled debut album by the American band Deer Hollow. The cover art was created by Casey Howard.

The debut album "Z mar twych" by the Polish black/pagan metallers Varmia. The cover author is unknown.

The third album "Solitary Eagle" by the melodic black/folk band Bloody Tyrant from Taiwan. Author of its cover art is unknown.

The cover for the American thrash/black metal Gökböri’s second album "Erlik". The author is a Turkish-American artist Dilek Baykara.

The cover for the Russian project W’s fifth album "Till Eternity" created by Svetlana.

The cover art for the Australian solo-project Darkened Winter’s seventh album "Dark Age Warfare". Author is unknown.


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