Check 'Em All: January’s black metal releases

Check 'Em All: January’s black metal releases

For our first this year’s selection, we chose twelve new black metal releases from European and American bands. The American band Dumal’s composition set to the verse by the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko, a new album by the Norwegian black/death metallers Shaarimoth, who glorify the Sumerian cults, and the promising debut release by the Icelandic trio Draugsól and more — read on in the article.

Vukari — "divination"

"Divination" is an interesting and quite skillful album with great immersion into atmosphere. In addition to its musicality, the release also boasts a good production, which perfectly withstand balance between raw black metal and polished studio sound.

Dumal — "The Lesser God"

"The Lesser God" is a debut full-length release from the American trio Dumal, which plays raw, but atmospheric black metal. The most interesting song of the 8-track album is the composition titled "Ukrainia", set to the verse "My Testament" by the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko.

Draugsól — "Volaða Land"

Earlier this year, Icelandic trio Draugsól has presented a gloomy and severe debut album "Volaða Land", which, according to both the audience and critics alike, has all chances to become one of the most significant releases of the genre this year.

Stellar Descent & Aylwin — "Second Sequence"

"Second Sequence" is the second split by the American bands Stellar Descent and Aylwin. The opening track is owned by Stellar Descent, preferring long opuses with duration reaching up to 2 hours. For this split, the musicians presented a 28-minute atmospheric composition "Moonrise", in which the series of acoustic parts with the sounds of nature alternate with aggressive post-black metal solos. Their colleagues Aylwin, whose discography consists mainly of such kind splits, presented no less melodic with a proper part of aggression single "The Expiation".

Nyss — "Couteaux de glace"

Raw, but very atmospheric black metal from France, performed by the musician under the pseudonym Þórir, which over the past winter had released three EPs.

Rosk — "Miasma"

The Polish band Rosk’s "Miasma" is a dark and atmospheric ambient post-black metal with a noticeable influence of the Norwegian colleagues.

Shaarimoth — "Temple of the Adversarial Fire"

The second full-length album "Temple of the Adversarial Fire", released on January 13, marked the return of the Norwegian black/death metallers Shaarimoth, who glorify the Sumerian cults.

Arrebol — "Restless"

"Restless" is a fresh release from the Spanish musician Asz, playing depressive/atmospheric black metal. Being the second album in the discography, the new EP has grown significantly in terms of music and skillful level.

Black Faith — "Nightscapes"

The second full-length release "Nightscapes" from the Italian band Black Faith, adhering to traditions of classical black metal.

Project Omega — "Mors Introivit In Orbem Terrarum"

"Mors Introivit In Orbem Terrarum" is a new EP by the Georgian musician Omega, the founder and sole member of the experimental black metal project.

Horn — "Turm am Hang"

"Turm am Hang" is the seventh solo album by the musician Nerrath. The new release of his project is a dashing German-speaking black metal with vocal warm ups, march sounds and noticeable punk vibes. The last song of the tracklist is a darker version of When Bitter Spring Sleeps’s "The Sky Has Not Always Been This Way", recorded with this band’s vocalist Lord Sardonyx.

Fides Inversa — "Rite Of Inverse Incarnation"

The new EP by the Italian duo Fides Inversa, recorded in "one intense" day and night in Germany.

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