Trivium releases new video "Until The World Goes Cold"

The American metallers Trivium presented their new video "Until The World Goes Cold", filmed for the upcoming album’s song "Silence In The Snow". A week earlier, the band also released the music video for the single "Blind Leading The Blind", placed below.


  1. Snøfall
  2. Silence in the Snow
  3. Blind Leading the Blind
  4. Dead and Gone
  5. The Ghost That's Haunting You
  6. Pull Me from the Void
  7. Until the World Goes Cold
  8. Rise Above the Tides
  9. The Thing That's Killing Me
  10. Beneath the Sun
  11. Breathe in the Flames

Bonus tracks:

  1. Cease All Your Fire
  2. The Darkness Of My Mind

"Silence In The Snow" comes out on October 2 via Roadrunner Records. In July, Trivium unleashed the video clip on the record’s title track, which was directed by JonPaul Douglass.


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