​Deströyer 666 stream new album "Wildfire"

The label Season Of Mist and the Australian black/death/thrash metal band Deströyer 666 unleashed the full stream of the fifth album "Wildfire". The new studio record became the first band’s work after their full-length album "Defiance" release in 2009.

"Wildfire" came out on February 26 via Season Of Mist, with whom the band signed a contract last July. Deströyer 666’s nearest concert dates can be found here.

"Wildfire" is now available for order.


  1. Traitor
  2. Live And Burn
  3. Artiglio Del Diavolo
  4. Hounds At Ya Back
  5. Hymn To Dionysus
  6. Wildfire
  7. White Line Fever
  8. Die You Fucking Pig!
  9. Tamam Shud

The artwork for "Wildfire" was created by the Polish artist Zbigniew M. Bielak, famous by his works for Gorguts, Ghost, Paradise Lost and other metal bands.

Deströyer 666 Wildfire


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