​Behemoth announce festivals tour dates and new video

The Polish black/death metalheads Behemoth has announced festivals tour dates in Europe, Turkey and Colombia. The video with the announcement is posted on YouTube via label Nuclear Blast.

It's also reported that the bands' new video is coming soon.

Behemoth's tour dates:

May 30 — Sweden, Orebro @ Metal Svenskan
June 6 — Sweden, Sёlvesborg @ Sweden Rock
July 9 — Germany, Ballenstedt @ Rockharz Festival
July 11 — Iceland, Fjarðabyggð @ Eistnaflug
July 18 — Spain, Viveiro @ Resurrection Festival
July 19 — France, Albi @ X-Treme Festival
July 24 — Slovenia, Tolmin @ Metaldays
August 2 — Turkey, Istanbul @ Rock Off Festival
August 6 — Germany, Holzsußra @ Party San Open Air
August 8 — Belgium, Kortrijk @ Alcatraz Festival
August 8 — Germany, Schlotheim @ Party San Open Air Festival
August 15 — Colombia, Bogota @ Parque Simon Bolivar

In addition, the band is known to give a concert at the Dutch festival Eindhoven Metal Meeting on December 11.

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