​At The Gates releases new video "Daggers Of Black Haze"

Ahead of the new album "To Drink From The Night Itself" release, the Swedish metallers At The Gates presented the music video "Daggers Of Black Haze", produced by the Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu (Twilight 13 Media), who had previously collaborated with the band.

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"Daggers Of Black Haze" along with the previously unveiled title track will appear on the album "To Drink From The Night Itself", the release of which will take place on May 18 via Century Media Records. At the Gates' previous LP titled "At War with Reality" came out in 2014.

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"To Drink From The Night Itself" was recorded with the band’s new guitarist Jonas Stålhammar (The Lurking Fear), who in 2017 replaced Anders Björler, who decided to leave At the Gates because "the passion is just gone", stressing that "this is a personal decision, and it has 100% to do with the music side of things".

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