​Anomalie reveal live video "Vision IV: Illumination"

Austrian post-black metal act Anomalie presented a live video of performing the song "Vision IV: Illumination". The filming took place during the band’s show at the Dark Easter Metal Meeting festival in Germany, in 2018.

The song "Vision IV: Illumination" was taken from 2017’s album "Visions". The band's latest release, the EP "Integra", was released in November 2018 via Art of Propaganda.

According to a press release, "featuring all-new material, "Integra" delivers nearly a half hour of hauntingly atmospheric and multi-dimensional metal that underlines what made Anomalie's critically Visions album last year such a far-reaching and devastatingly emotional experience. The four highly dynamic tracks comprising the EP reveal Marrok's strong connection to his black metal roots clearer than ever, all while opening the gates to a profound musical voyage telling of metaphysical reincarnation and ways to manifest your very own identity beyond social and cultural barriers".

Anomalie's upcoming tour dates


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