Check 'Em All: June’s and July’s black metal releases

Check 'Em All: June’s and July’s  black metal releases

For a new Check 'Em All material, we selected more than two dozen releases that were released in June and July of this year. The compilation includes albums from Goatwhore and Schammasch, releases of side projects featuring members of Akhlys, Enthroned, Fen, Forgotten Tomb, and The Vision Bleak, as well as singles, EPs and LPs by the bands from Germany, Finland, Norway, Poland, Italy, France, USA, and Chile.

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Beltez — "Exiled, Punished...Rejected"

"Exiled, Punished...Rejected" is the third album of the German band Beltez, which lyrics are dedicated to the themes of depression, suicide, and anarchy. Melodious 6-track release came out on June 23 via Bret Hard Records.

Bestia Arcana — "Holókauston"

"Holókauston" is the second LP from the project Bestia Arcana, which includes former and current members of such metal acts as Akhlys, Enthroned, and Nightbringer. The album came out 6 years after the release of the band's debut LP "To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu".

Blyh — "Transparent to the World"

"Transparent to the World" is a 5-track debut release from the German duo Blyh, whose members do not reveal their identities. "Transparent to the World" was released in a limited edition of 50 cassettes.

Fellwarden — "Oathbearer"

"Oathbearer" is the debut release of the side project featuring members of the British band Fen: the drummer Havenless and the vocalist/guitarist The Watcher. The album’s cover was created by Fen’s bass player Grungyn. "Oathbearer" was mastered by Greg Chandler (Esoteric, Lychgate), who was responsible for mixing and mastering of Nokturnal Mortum’s latest album "Verity".

Goatwhore — "Vengeful Ascension"

On June 23, Goatwhore released its new LP "Vengeful Ascension" which became the second recorded reel-to-reel album in the band’s discography. The frontman Ben Falgoust, commenting on "Vengeful Ascension, said:

"Each song is a representation of Goatwhore. From day one until now. It really shows our evolution as a band. I don’t think that this band has reached its peak yet. I mean, I think we’re closer now than ever but we’re still growing; we’re still evolving."

Hands That Lift The Oceans — "Impetus"

"Impetus" is the first full-length release from the German trio Hands That Lift The Oceans, playing post-black with ambient elements.

Limbonic Art — "Spectre Abysm"

"Specter Abysm" is a fresh release from the Norwegian one-man band Limbonic Art, performing a symphonic black metal. The new album was released 7 years after its predecessor "Phantasmagoria". Below, you can listen to one of the album's tracks, "Ethereal Traveler". The full album stream is available on Apple Music and Google Play Music.

Northern Plague — "Scorn the Idle"

"Scorn the Idle" is the second album of the Polish black/death metal band Northern Plague. The LP was mixed and mastered by Arkadiusz Malczewski, who has previously worked with such titans of the Polish metal scene as Azarath, Behemoth, and Decapitated. Engineered by Filip 'Heinrich' Hałucha — Vesania’s bassist and Decapitated’s ex-member. Below, you can watch the lyric video for one of the album’s track "Man of Glass".

One Master — "Lycanthropic Burrowing"

"Lycanthropic Burrowing" is the fourth album by the American band One Master, which work will be surely appreciated by true black metal fans.

Selbst — "Selbst"

"Selbst" is the same-named full-length release by a duo from Chile, playing great atmospheric black metal which immerses the listener into melancholy.

Shade Empire — "Poetry of the Ill-Minded"

"Poetry of the Ill-Minded" is the fifth album of the Finnish band Shade Empire, which combines black metal with melodic death metal. Below, you can check out its video "Anti-Life Savory". Full album stream is available on Apple Music and Google Play Music.

Shaman Ritual — "Sinister Totem"

"Sinister Totem" is the debut album of the Jyväskylä-based project Shaman Ritual (Finland). At the moment, there is almost no information about the record, except for the fact that Dan Lowndes (Sigh) was responsible for its mastering, and Caligari Records (USA) will release it on tapes. Below, you can listen to the single "Shroud of Infinity" taken from the LP.

Schammasch — "The Maldoror Chants: Hermaphrodite"

The Swiss avant-garde project Schammasch has released a EP "The Maldoror Chants: Hermaphrodite" in early June. The record is dedicated to the work "Les Chants de Maldoror" (XIX century) of the French writer Comte de Lautréamont, whose main character is a cynical demonic creature hating God and humanity.

Sinmara — "Within the Weaves of Infinity"

"Within the Weaves of Infinity" is the first EP in the discography of the Icelandic metal act Sinmara. The release was recorded together with the musician and producer Stephen Lockhart (Haud Mundus, Rebirth of Nefast), who contributed to the creation of Zhrine's "Unortheta" and Draugsól's "Volaða land" albums.

Sojourner — "South Away" (cover on Summoning)

On June 14, Sojourner presented their cover version of the Summoning’s track "South Away". The mixing and mastering of the single was done by Borknagar’s guitarist Øystein G. Brun. Follow the link to check out review and stream of Sojourner's debut full-length album "Empires of Ash".

Sun Of The Sleepless — "To The Elements"

Sun Of The Sleepless is a solo project by the German musician, producer, and sound engineer Markus Stock, best known as the member and founder of Empyrium and The Vision Bleak. "To The Elements" is the first full-length album of Sun Of The Sleepless, coming out after a long 13-year lull.

Synodic — "Infinite Presence In A Violent Universe"

"Infinite Presence In A Violent Universe" is the first full-length release from the American duo Synodic, writing lyrics on space and science topics. Melodious music is complemented by a harsh vocal performed by the female singer Imber.

Tchornobog — "Tchornobog"

"Tchornobog" is the self-titled debut album of the project formed by the Ukrainian musician Markov Soroka. The release combines several sub-genres of heavy metal music — black, death, and doom metal. Also, the record features saxophone, trumpets, and cello parts.

The True Endless — "Blacklight Inferno"

"Blacklight Inferno" is the seventh full-length album in the discography of the Italian black metal band The True Endless, featuring Forgotten Tomb’s bass player Algol as a drummer.

Time Lurker — "Time Lurker"

The atmospheric noise post-black from Time Lurker, formed by the French musician Mick. The same-named album includes compositions from the project’s previous releases.

Whoredom Rife — "Dommedagskvad"

"Dommedagskvad" is the first LP from the Norwegian duo Whoredom Rife, performing atmospheric and melodic black metal. The album’s cover was created by the Peruvian artist José Gabriel Alegría. It’s available on CD and vinyl.


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