​Season of Mist uploads Septicflesh, Mayhem, Hark, Floor and Achspire full album streams

Season of Mist uploads Septicflesh, Mayhem, Hark, Floor and Achspire full album streams

Season of Mist has uploaded five full metal album streams. Now you can listen to full-length records "Titan" Septicflesh, "Esoteric Warfare" Mayhem, "Crystalline" British sludge/stoner metal band Hark, "Oblation" of the American doom/stoner metallers Floor and "The Lucid Collective" of technical death metal band from Canada — Achspire on the label's YouTube channel.

We're reminding, the last album of the Greek symphonic death metal band Septicflesh "Titan" was released in the last week of June last year. The cover art for it was traditionally made by frontman Spiros "Seth" Antoniou. The album "Esoteric Warfare" of the Norwegian black metallers Mayhem came out a few weeks earlier. It was the first studio album recorded with guitarist Morten "Teloch" Iversen.

Septicflesh "Titan" track listing:

  1. War In Heaven
  2. Burn
  3. Order Of Dracul
  4. Prototype
  5. Dogma
  6. Prometheus
  7. Titan
  8. Confessions Of A Serial Killer
  9. Ground Zero
  10. The First Immortal

Mayhem "Esoteric Warfare" track listing:

  1. Watchers
  2. Psywar
  3. Trinity
  4. Pandaemon
  5. MILAB
  6. VI.Sec.
  7. Throne of Time
  8. Corpse of Care
  9. Posthuman
  10. Aion Suntelia

Hark "Crystalline" track listing:

  1. Hounded By Callous Decree
  2. Sins On Sleeves
  3. Black Hole South West
  4. Breathe And Run
  5. Mythopoeia
  6. Scarlet Extremities
  7. All Wretch No Vomit
  8. Xtal 0.6
  9. Clear Light Of... (Feat. Neil Fallon)

Floor "Oblation" track listing:

1. Oblation
2. Rocinante
3. Trick Scene
4. Find Away
5. The Key
6. New Man
7. Sister Sophia
8. The Quill
9. Love Comes Crushing
10. War Party
11. Homegoings And Transitions
12. Sign Of Aeth
13. Raised To A Star
14. Forever Still

Archspire "The Lucid Collective" track listing:

1. Lucid Collective Somnambulation
2. Scream Feeding
3. The Plague Of AM
4. Fathom Infinite Depth
5. Join Us Beyond
6. Seven Crowns And The Oblivion Chain
7. Kairos Chamber
8. Spontaneous Generation

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