​Satyricon’s leader diagnosed with brain tumor

Satyr — Satyricon’s leader diagnosed with brain tumor

The leader of the Norwegian band Satyricon, Satyr, posted on Instagram the message about revealing he had a brain tumor.

"I'm going home. I got extremely sick 8 days ago and was rushed to hospital. Scans have shown that there is a blind passenger in my head. Most likely it is benign. I can live with it as long as it does not grow bigger. Removing it is extremely complicated and should only be done if it grows into a size where it is a matter of life and death. We all get our set of cards and this happened to be one of mine. There are so many people who have to deal with much worse things than I do, so I do not feel sorry for myself. I have a great family, lots of friends, Satyricon, Wongraven Wines and many people who support my endeavours all over the world. I will spend the next two weeks trying to get my strength back, then try to starting writing on the new Satyricon again and pick up where I left on all my wine projects."

This September, Satyricon has announced about starting of the ninth album recording, posting a few short videos. The latest band’s CD "Satyricon", released in September 2013, reached #1 position of the Norwegian VG-lista.


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