Raventale’s album "Dark Substance Of Dharma" is available for free listening

The Ukrainian atmospheric black metal group Raventale’s eighth album "Dark Substance Of Dharma" is available for streaming on Bandcamp. The record release was held on October 5 via BadMoodMan Music. The album presentation is to take place on October 17 at the Noizr Fest.

As previously announced in a press release, "Dark Substance Of Dharma" is a conceptual album "devoted to Indian and Tibetan mythology and offers to fully plunge into the cosmic order of Dharma, to parse the principles of existence and perception of this World."


  1. Intra-Mantra
  2. Destroying The Seeds Of Karma
  3. Dark Substance Of Dharma
  4. Kali's Hunger
  5. Red Laugh's Walking
  6. I Am The Black Tara
  7. Last Moon Fermata

"Dark Substance Of Dharma" cover artwork

Raventale Dark Substance Of Dharma cover


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