Resurrection Fest 2014: Videos from Gojira, Down, Kreator, Testament and others performances

The live videos shoted from shows of Down, Angelus Apatrida, Gojira, Kreator, Testament and More Than A Thousand, at the Spanish Resurrection Festival in 2014. At the top there is the first video "Flying Whales" from the album "From Mars to Sirius" by the French metallers Gojira.

This summer's event will be held from 16 to 18 July. Motörhead, Behemoth, In Flames, Heaven Shall Burn, Nuclear Assault and Terror have already confirmed their participation in the festival. Also, don't forget to watch the full videos from Red Fang, Sick Of It All, NOFX and Gallows concerts.

"No Bad Blood" from the set of the Portuguese metalcore band More Than A Thousand. The track entered on the album "Vol.4 Make Friends and Enemies", 2010

"Stone The Crow" from the debut album "NOLA" of the group Down, former Pantera vocalist's project

Testament's live video "Over The Wall" from the album "First Strike Still Deadly"

"Pleasure To Kill" from the same-named old school album of the German thrash metallers Kreator

The Spanish thrash metal band Angelus Apatrida performs "Give 'Em War" from the same-titled album


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