Lamb of God: new track feat. Deftones vocalist and tour dates with Megadeth and Children Of Bodom

The groove metalheads Lamb of God shared their new song "Embers", recorded with Deftones' singer Chino Moreno. The track will be released on the album "VII: Sturm Und Drang" on July 24 via Nuclear Blast.

In a brand new interview with Germany's Rock Hard magazine, Lamb of God's frontman Randy Blythe commented on the song: "Initially there were two demo versions of the song. One in that typical thrashy LOG style and the one that ended up on the album. Mark (the guitarist Mark Morton — Noizr Zine) sent me both ideas and when I was checking them on my headphones I was sitting at the beach about to go surfing. The second version with its epic ending just blew me away. There was only one problem: I didn't know how to sing in this Part. Instead Chino came to my mind because the atmosphere of that part constantly reminded me of DEFTONES and PALMS. A few weeks later when we met up in Richmond to work on the album, Mark and our producer, Josh Wilbur sat together and looked at me saying: "What do you think, should we have sing Chino on this part?" Those guys are mind readers! I showed Chino the song and when DEFTONES worked on their album in L.A. he immediately came up with a fitting melody!"

Earlier the band presented the video clips for the tracks "Overlord" and "512", and unleashed the songs "Erase This" and "Still Echoes".

In November, Lamb of God goes on a joint European mini-tour with Megadeth, supporting by Children Of Bodom and Sylosis.

Main photo: Lamb of God


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