​Immortal unveils title track of upcoming album "Northern Chaos Gods"

The Norwegian black metallers Immortal presented the first track from the forthcoming album "Northern Chaos Gods". Its title song, which will be released on May 25 as a limited-edition single on 7-inch vinyl in black, white and red colors, can be heard above.

The band’s upcoming 9th album will be released 9 years after the release of "All Shall Fall", the last record of Immortal, recorded with the vocalist and guitarist Abbath, who left the group in 2015.

"Northern Chaos Gods" was recorded by Demonaz (vocals, guitars) and Horgh (drums), featuring Peter Tägtgren, who performed as a session bass player, producer, and mixer engineer.

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The 45-minute LP, which will include 8 new tracks ("Northern Chaos Gods", "Into Battle Ride", "Gates To Blashyrkh", "Grim And Dark", "Called To Ice", "Where Mountains Rise", "Blacker Of Worlds", and "Mighty Ravendark), is reported to take Immortal back to its roots.

"Northern Chaos Gods" comes out on July 6 via Nuclear Blast Records.

"Northern Chaos Gods" cover

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