​Hate present lyric video "Rise Omega The Consequence!"

The Polish death metallers Hate unveiled the lyric video "Rise Omega The Consequence". The song was taken from the band's last album "Crusade: Zero", which was released on January 30, 2015 via label Napalm Records.

"Finally we can present the new lyric video for the song „Rise Omega the Consequence!". We teamed up again with Redpig Production to create this vision of the Universe and magnitude of the energies contained within it — worlds in worlds, cold void and monster explosions. It is like a voyage through aeons of raging darkness and burning cores. The song is about Darklight (OMEGA), illuminating dark energy that permeates every thing. It is also a tribute to Chaos, which is the origin and the end of things. I hope you will find this appealing as much as we do. Hail Tiamat!"

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