​Exclusive: "Fields Of Isolation" single by Mist of Misery feat. Thy Light’s Paolo Bruno

The Swedish melodic black metal band Mist of Misery presented the title track of the upcoming EP "Fields Of Isolation". The single was recorded with Thy Light’s frontman Paolo Bruno.

"Fields Of Isolation" is the second release from the EP series, created between 2016 and mid-2017, as a way to bridge the gap between Absence and the upcoming 2018’s new album.

The band comments:

"The themes on both EP's vary quite a lot from our earlier works, but the original concept of Mist Of Misery is still there. Those who have heard our latest release, Absence, will surely find some similarities to both that album and also to our earlier releases."

"Fields Of Isolation" is the follow-up (or part 2) to "Shackles of Life", which was released on August 31 this year. Mixed and mastered by Mist of Misery’s vocalist Mortuz Denatus. "Fields Of Isolation" will be released on December 15 via Black Lion Records on CD and in digital format.


  1. Fields of isolation (feat. Thy Light’s Paolo Bruno guest vocals)
  2. Across Empty Pastures
  3. Hymm To Silence
  4. A Drift in Cosmic Vacuum view
  5. Tortured by Solitude (Coldworld cover)
  6. Shackles Of Life Part 2
  7. Crystal Vapour Eclipse
  8. Bottomless Grievous Caverns

"Fields Of Isolation" cover art created by the Russian artist Alex Tartsus