​I Am Your Enemy: Shining’s new single "Jag Är Din Fiende"

The Swedish metal act Shining released the single "Jag Är Din Fiende", which translates as "I Am Your Enemy", from the upcoming EP "Fiende".

The 2-track EP, in addition to "Jag Är Din Fiende", also features acoustic cover on the country band The Coffinshakers’ track "No Rest for the Wicked". "Fiende" will be released on November 24 on 666 hand-numbered vinyls in total (266 on black vinyl, 300 on transparent red vinyl, and 100 on white vinyl) via Season of Mist.

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"Fiende" is reported to be the first excerpt from Shining’s forthcoming full-length album "X — Varg Utan Flock", which will come out on January 5, 2018.

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