Stoned Jesus unveil "Indian" studio live, filmed in Brazil

During the band's South American tour held in honor of the fifth anniversary of the album "Seven Thunders Roar", the Kyiv-based psychedelic trio Stoned Jesus became guests of the Travessa7 project, dedicated to shooting studio live of various artists.

Read the interview with Igor Sidorenko (Stoned Jesus): "It’s better to work on the result than to visualize yourself stadiums"

Stoned Jesus became not only the first foreigners in the history of Travessa7, but also the first group in general — their performance of "Indian" (taken from "Seven Thunders Roar" LP) turned into the debut video of the project! In the future, "Brazilian KEXP", as they are nicknamed by the trio, promises more footage, including Stoned Jesus, who played two more tracks besides "Indian".

Stoned Jesus’ nearest gigs in Ukraine:

September 30, Lviv:
November 24, Kyiv:

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