​Video: Stoned Jesus performing "Rituals of the Sun" in acoustic

The Kyiv-based trio Stoned Jesus played an acoustic version of their song "Rituals of the Sun" which appeared on 2015’s album "The Harvest". The band’s performance, held specially for the BalconyTV channel, took place at the beginning of May a break between the concerts of Five Thunders Roar Tour, which ended on May 14 with a gig in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to the press release, this month Stoned Jesus’ musicians are going to start working on the material for their fourth album.

Earlier, the band’s leader Igor Sidorenko has told Noizr Zine that the new LP will include 7 tracks:

"I can definitely say that this record will have seven songs. Because on the first LP there were four tracks, five songs were on the second, "The Harvest" has six, so on the fourth, there will be seven. It follows thence that it will be the longest album, closer to 50-55 minutes, a double vinyl [smiles]."

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