Semargl: video "Halloween Horror Live"

The Ukrainian musician Semargl shared the concert video "Halloween Horror Live", recorded in 2011 in Kiev's club "Bingo". Almost all setlist consisted of the songs that were later appeared on the album "Satanic Pop Metal".


  1. Credo Revolution
  2. Sweet Suicide
  3. I Hunger
  4. Join in Fire
  5. Anti I am
  6. Suck My Dick
  7. I Hate You
  8. Drag Me To Hell
  9. Labyrinth
  10. Tak, Kurwa

Earlier, Semargl and the musician Tyler Milchmann presented the video on their joint single "Held". In May, Semargl's vocalist Rutarp shared his side project's debut album "True Primitive" for free listening.


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