One-woman bands: Music projects with a single member

Screenshot from "Málmhaus" — One-woman bands: Music projects with a single member
Screenshot from "Málmhaus"

"One-man band" is a long catch on collocation in English. But every year we get more and more of actually a "One-woman band". Women, like the heroine of the movie "Metalhead", create their own groups, attracting the attention of people who love good music. Noizr Zine tells you about such music projects in this article.


The British woman Jayn Wissenberg is the mastermind of the dark folk project Darkher. The singer and guitarist issued in a limited edition the debut EP "The Kingdom Field", which slow and plaintive music plunges the listener into a meditative tranquility. The slow-motion video for one of the album's songs excellently completes to this music.


If you think that the black metal scene is an abode of gloomy men in dark clothes, so the Danish Amalie Bruun will disabuse you. The slim blonde is the only member of the project Myrkur. In August, she releases her first full-length album "M", which was recorded with the guest musicians such as Mayhem's Teloch and Christopher Amott.


Talking about women in black metal, it's necessary to mention the group Janaza. The Iraqi project, raising anti-religion themes in its lyrics, earlier accused of hoax by the journalists because of using fake photos with its only member Anahita. Later, in the interview with the American webzine The Gauntlet, the enigmatic musician commented on the accusations:

"First of all, about the hoax thing, its' really stupid that people outside would really think that we have the power to publish our real photos, I guess the whole world saw the brutality of Islam by killing the American ambassador in Libya because of a film about Islam, I wonder how people outside the Arabian borders think that we can rescue our life by publishing such thing, we can chose fake images and publish our music while feeling safe that we wont be killed the other day."

"At the end I only can say MUSIC TALKS, the message behind our music is more important that who we are, its not about fame and its not about MONEY, its about A MESSAGE, A MESSAGE for all the world to hear!"

After one issuing EP in 2010, Janaza continues to be one of the most mysterious musical projects.

Andrea Haugen

Andrea Haugen (Nebel) is a unique phenomenon in music. In the 90's, being under her real name Andrea Meyer, the singer acted as a backing vocalist on Cradle of Filth's debut album "The Principle of Evil Made Flesh". Later, using the name Nebelhexe, she took part in recording the track "The Dawn of a New Age" for the third album of Satyricon. The Norwegian singer started her career in the group Aghast, releasing one CD "Hexerei im Zwielicht der Finsternis", and continuing it in projects Hagalaz' Runedance, Nebelhexë, and Aghast Manor. Andrea's music is very diversified. Listen to the singer in the folk group Hagalaz' Runedance and it'll be difficult to know it in the current industrial project Aghast Manor. It's not just about the vocals because the musician is the only member in both bands.

Becky Lee and Drunkfoot

The project Becky Lee and Drunkfoot is a vivid example of "one-man band". During her performances, the American Becky Lee sings, plays the guitar and drums, and making it just amazingly! The proof is in the video below.

A few other projects, in which women are in the driver's seat:

Hildr Valkyrie

Ilkim Oulanem

Turdus Merula



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