Nabaath "Common Graves" to be released October 15

Nabaath unveiled trailer of the third full-length album "Common Graves", which is scheduled to be released October 15.

"To the Darkness beyond usual understanding of world and existence
Journey across the Void to the Abyss
All is bounded in Common Graves, infinite, desecrated, doomed
Path will never end
Flowing through the Unholy Blackness far beyond the fake borders
Hail to the
Dark, Void, Death"

Mixed and mastered by Warkhoros. Produced by Nabaath. Cover artwork was created by Smerdulak (Katalepsy, Semargl). "Common Graves" is available for pre-order on CD Digipak. "Common Graves" presentation is to be held on October 17 at the Noizr Fest in Kyiv.


  1. Dark is Deep
  2. Iron in Your Throat
  3. Vultures (Devour the Flesh of World)
  4. Across the Void to the Abyss
  5. Coming of Era
  6. Common Graves
  7. Furies
  8. Nuclear Satan
  9. I Am Mist


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