"Common Graves" — Nabaath, 2015

Common Graves

Live album presentation took place at Noizr Fest  October 17, Kyiv, MonteRay Live Stage.

Noizr proudly presents the third full-length album by Ukrainian (initially Russian) black metal horde Nabaath.

"To the Darkness beyond usual understanding of world and existence
Journey across the Void to the Abyss
All is bounded in Common Graves, infinite, desecrated, doomed
Path will never end
Flowing through the Unholy Blackness far beyond the fake borders
Hail to the
Dark, Void, Death"

"Common Graves" is available for order:

Produced by Nabaath.
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Warkhoros.
Cover artwork was created by Smerdulak.


Warkhoros — vocals, bass, guitars
Zork — guitars
Discharger — drums

Pro-shot live video "Iron In Your Throat" with tribal dancer Mariya KarMa




Black Metal


  1. Dark is Deep
  2. Iron in Your Throat
  3. Vultures (Devour the Flesh of World)
  4. Across the Void to the Abyss
  5. Coming of Era
  6. Common Graves
  7. Furies
  8. Nuclear Satan
  9. I Am Mist

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