"I wasn’t really sure if the band would be back": Interview with Volk-Man from Die Apokalyptischen Reiter

We are glad to present you our new video interview with Volkmar 'Volk-Man' Weber, the bassist of the German metal act Die Apokalyptischen Reiter. The interview was taken on November 24, 2017, before the band's show in Kyiv, Ukraine. The musician talks about band’s returning after the 2-year break, latest album "Der Rote Reiter", its entering TOP-10 in the German charts, why a musician shouldn’t be left for a long time with a fridge full of beer and vodka, etc.

Topics raised in the interview:

  • How is it to return on stage after 2-year break
  • Why the band needed to take a break
  • How Die Apokalyptischen Reiter’s members spent their free time during a hiatus
  • Why Die Apokalyptischen Reiter decided to make new music more aggressive and gloomy
  • Does entering the German TOP-10 charts mean something to the band
  • Was it difficult for Die Apokalyptischen Reiter to reach a success in Germany as a metal band
  • Recording process at the well-known Chameleon Studios (Apocalyptica, Gamma Ray, Deep Purple)
  • Why Die Apokalyptischen Reiter decided to produce "Der Rote Reiter" by themselves
  • Main advantages and disadvantages of self-production, according to Volk-Man
  • Is "Der Rote Reiter" related somehow to the band members personal experiences
  • Cooperation with the Polish video production company Grupa 13 (Behemoth, Kreator, Ghost)
  • How the band copes with the almost daily touring routine
  • Cities and countries that have impressed Volk-Man lately

Interviewed by Yuri Somov and Anastezia.
Edited by Dmytro.
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