Video: Tesseract plays "Ice Cold Gig" in igloo in Lapland

The British band Tesseract participated in Jägermeister's action "Ice Cold Gig", played a concert in Lapland, Northern Finland. The performance take place on the stage of ice and snow in the igloo. In the video above you can see watch the process of preparation and a small excerpt from the band's show.

Tesseract's live DVD is available from 18th May on Century Media Records.

"The venue and the people that work there was the true star of this event. They worked tirelessly to create a spectacular stage for us to perform on, and were so friendly, it felt like we belonged there. What a truly wonderful experience. One that we'd love to repeat somehow," — Tesseract

Last year, the action "Ice Cold Gig" was attended by the British band The Defiled, who played a set of songs from their latest album "Daggers" on a floating iceberg in the Greenland Sea.

We want to remind you that in 2013, Metallica played a gig "Freeze 'Em All" in Antarctica, entering the Guinness Book of Records as the band that performed on all six continents of the Earth for one year. Both of this videos you can watch below.

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