Video premiere: Void "The Horrid Lover The Scumscrubber"

London extreme metal band premiered their new video this weekend for their song "The Horrid Lover The Scumscrubber" from their 2017’s EP "The Unsearchable Riches of Void".

The video and the EP from which the song is lifted marks the re-emergence of one of the UK’s most exciting and innovative extreme metal bands. Void, despite their limited catalogue have had a turbulent and varied career, at times the band has almost faded into obscurity only to be revived thanks to the efforts of drummer Joe Burwood, who drew Matt Jarman (Guitars, Drum programming, Samples) back into the world of metal and together they’ve created some of the most intriguing black metal that the UK has to offer in recent years.

Void are looking to the future, a new album is in the process of being recorded and according to Matt, "aims to push the envelope once again, incorporating orchestral and electronic influences within their swirling, oppressive technical metal". The band’s currently latest full-length record "Void" was released in 2011 via Duplicate Records.

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