​Varg Vikernes ends Burzum project

The Norwegian musician Varg Vikernes announced the end of Burzum, giving one of his fans a copy of the project's 1992 self-titled debut album.

The announcement was done via Varg's Youtube channel ThuleanPerspective: "Bye bye Burzum. See the sun rise and see her banish all the darkness of this world."

He also added that "Burzum is my painful past in a reeking bog".

The disc went to the musician’s fan named Nathan B, who beat Varg in a challenge of getting from 0-100 kmh (0-60 mph) in their 4x4 vehicles. You can watch their duel videos below.

Burzum was founded in 1991 as a solo project by the Norwegian musician Varg Vikernes and since then has never given a single concert. Since its formation, the project has released 11 studio releases, the latest of which, "The Ways of Yore", came out in 2014.

Varg Vikernes, who has changed his name to Louis Cachet, is known as one of the most scandalous musicians of the Norwegian black metal scene.

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