Trivium's "Silence In The Snow" album stream

Florida-based metal band Trivium streamed its seventh album "Silence In The Snow". Earlier in the several interviews, the band members shared information about the new release, issued on October 2 via Roadrunner.

In the interview with Allschools, Trivium's vocalist Matthew Heafy explained why the group kept "silent" during the album promo without spoiling fans by teasers, trailers or photos from the studio before the record release:

"We were looking at how all the other bands were promoting their new records that were coming out, and it was basically the same thing: band guy, Instagram, sitting by the computer with a beer, saying, 'Oh, I just finished drums,' or, 'I just finished this,' or, 'I finished that.' And we saw that it's basically every band in the world doing the exact same thing. And we said, 'How can we be different?' Well, if everyone is talking about the record all the time, let's not let anyone know we're recording at all and just release it when it's done."

Also, the musician told how the new album title song was written:

"The main song, 'Silence In The Snow', was actually written back in 2007 after seeing HEAVEN & HELL — [Ronnie James] Dio singing for BLACK SABBATH — in Japan. Seeing that for the first time really changed something in all of us, and I started writing the song 'Silence In The Snow' back in 2007. And I feel that song, maybe, was too big for where we were at the time, maybe we hadn't grown into the song yet, so we held on to it for about eight years, where finally Paolo [Gregoletto, bass] was, like, 'I think 'Silence In The Snow' should be on the next record.' And we wrote new music, put that on there, and that became the title track of the record."

In interview with Stereoboard, the guitarist Corey Beaulieu told why there is no extreme vocals in "Silence In The Snow":

"Screaming isn't the thing that defines heaviness. We've done screaming on every record and we don't want to write the same thing over and over again."

Lack of screaming was also commented by Matt Heafy:

"For those of you wondering, this song was written for [2008's] 'Shogun', and is basically almost the same as it was, so 'Shogun' fans rejoice; didn't like 'Shogun'? You may not dig this. But know that since I was 12, I wanted to be a great singer I screamed, because I couldn't sing. I am proud and excited to finally be able to do what I love the way I love."

"Silence In The Snow" was recorded with producer Michael 'Elvis' Baskette (Slash, Alter Bridge, The Amity Affliction) and sound engineer Josh Wilbur (Gojira, Lamb of God). In May 2014, Trivium parted with the drummer Nick Augasto due to personal differences. At concerts and to record an album and was replaced by the band's drum tech, Mat Madiro.


  1. Snøfall
  2. Silence in the Snow
  3. Blind Leading the Blind
  4. Dead and Gone
  5. The Ghost That's Haunting You
  6. Pull Me from the Void
  7. Until the World Goes Cold
  8. Rise Above the Tides
  9. The Thing That's Killing Me
  10. Beneath the Sun
  11. Breathe in the Flames

Bonus tracks:

  1. Cease All Your Fire
  2. The Darkness Of My Mind

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