Huntress' ironic video "Sorrow" about supernatural forces

The American heavy metal band Huntress presented the music video for the song "Sorrow" taken from the new album "Static". Directed and written by Phil Mucci who filmed an ironic video about spiritualism, witches and vampires in 70s style.

The album "Static" came out on September 25 via Napalm Records, becoming the third full-length work in the musicians’ discography. This August Huntress released the lyric video for the song "Flesh" which can be seen below.


  1. Sorrow
  2. Flesh
  3. Brian
  4. I Want to Wanna Wake Up
  5. Mania
  6. Four Blood Moons
  7. Static
  8. Harsh Times On Planet Stoked
  9. Noble Savage
  10. Fire In My Heart

Bonus tracks:

  1. Black Tongue
  2. Vultures Can Wait

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