​Tool shares "Fear Inoculum" full album stream

American rock band Tool has unveiled the full stream of its newest album "Fear Inoculum". The record was released on August 30 via Volcano Entertainment and RCA Records.

The 10-track "Fear Inoculum" came out 13 years after the release of Tool’s last album "10,000 Days". The record is currently available for order on all popular online services.

Tool's new album was reportedly produced by Joe Barresi, and mastered by Bob Ludwig, who previously worked on "10,000 Days". Recording commenced in March 2018, with drummer Danny Carey laying down his tracks first and bassist Justin Chancellor recording his parts next.

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In July, Tool's legendary 1991 demo tape, titled "72826", surfaced on YouTube, Apple Music, Google Play and Pandora. It marked the first time a Tool release had been available to stream online. On August 2, the remaining releases of the band also became available on streaming platforms.


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