​The Vision Bleak: "The Kindred Of The Sunset" track premiere

The German gothic band The Vision Bleak presented the lyric video for the song "The Kindred Of The Sunset", taken from the upcoming sixth album "The Unknown".

A few days earlier, the musicians unveiled the album cover, created by the British artist Dan Seagrave, who previously worked with Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Vader and others.

The band, announcing a new release last fall, promised their fans "an emotional record". "The Unknown" comes out on June 3 via Prophecy Productions. The band’s nearest tour dates can be found here.


  1. Spirits Of The Dead
  2. From Wolf To Peacock
  3. The Kindred Of The Sunset
  4. Into The Unknown
  5. Ancient Heart
  6. The Whine Of The Cemetery Hound
  7. How Deep Lies Tartaros?
  8. Who May Oppose Me?
  9. The Fragrancy of Soil Unearthed

Bonus CD (only in box):

  1. The Ghost In Me
  2. Luster Nocturnal

"The Unknown" cover

The Vision Bleak The Unknown

Main photo by Łukasz Jaszak Design & Photography


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