​The Swedes Shining release new video "Vilja & Dröm" with a lot of violent scenes

The Swedish black metal band Shining unleashed a new video for the song "Vilja & Dröm", filmed by director Martin Strandberg.

The track was taken from the last album "IX — Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends", which was released on April 20 and 21 via Season of Mist. In these days the record was also posted on YouTube for free listening.

Frontman Niklas Kvarforth comments: "Apart from filming the band stuff in Helsinki, our director and long time collaborator, Martin Strandberg was given the opportunity to search and purchase additional material from the archives of an official TV station."

"Of the sequences that have been used in the video, about 75% of them have actually been shown on the late evening news. Those people complaining about the content should maybe open their eyes to what is being broadcast for everyone, including kids and those faint-of-heart, to see on a daily basis. You know, regardless of our opinion on ANY of these events, one should take into consideration that this is what our world actually looks like today. Anyway, enjoy the video and put your hands together in prayer for the end of everything and ALL."

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