The Black Dahlia Murder: music video "Receipt"

The American melodic death metallers The Black Dahlia Murder presented the new video for the song "Receipt", directed by Robert Graves.

The track came out on September 18 on the band’s seventh album "Abysmal". In support of new release, The Black Dahlia Murder with will go on the European tour from January to February with brutal death/grindcore band Benighted.

"Abysmal" tracklist:

  1. Receipt
  2. Vlad, Son of the Dragon
  3. Abysmal
  4. Re-Faced
  5. Threat Level No. 3
  6. The Fog
  7. Stygiophobic
  8. Asylum
  9. The Advent
  10. That Cannot Die Which Eternally Is Dead

Tour dates in January-February 2016

The Black Dahlia Murder Tour

"Abysmal" cover artwork

the black dahlia murder abysmal


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