Terror Empire: "Burn The Flags" video and new album released

Today, on September 22, the Portuguese thrash metallers Terror Empire have released their second LP titled "Obscurity Rising". In honor of the release, the band has also presented a video clip for one of the album’s songs, "Burn The Flags", directed by Guilherme Henriques (Belphegor, Wormed, Hideous Divinity, Noctem, Haemorrhage, Unfathomable Ruination).

"Our intention is to provide a feeling of permanent chaos and unrest on all levels", refers guitarist Rui Alexandre. "One of the best parts of the artistic field is not having to have a functional purpose, if the artists desire to do so. We had no problem into creating a sheer massacre unto the spectator’s senses. Maximum intensity", he finishes.

Despite being young, director Guilherme Henriques has plenty of experience in shooting metal videos.

"It’s always an honor to be a part of a new era of a band. Terror Empire is no different, and I’m very proud of what I accomplished along with a group of musicians I consider my friends for a few years, now. It was a weekend with relentless hardwork, which is now reflected on this punishing videoclip", Henriques adds.

"Obscurity Rising" comes out on September the 22nd via Mosher Records, and can be purchased at www.mosherrecords.com. The release show will occur one day after, at hometown Coimbra (Portugal). "Obscurity Rising" full stream can be listened to below.


  1. Obscurity Rising
  2. You’ll Never See Us Coming
  3. Burn the Flags
  4. Times of War
  5. Meaning In Darkness
  6. Holy Greed
  7. Lust
  8. Death Wish
  9. Feast of the Wretched
  10. Soldiers of Nothing
  11. New Dictators

"Obscurity Rising" cover


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