Stray from the Path release 90's stylized video "Outbreak"

The American hardcore punks Stray from the Path unveiled a new video "Outbreak", directed by Max Moore. The track appears on the eighth full-length album "Subliminal Criminal", which comes out on 14 August via Sumerian Records.

"Outbreak" was the first song we completed on "Subliminal Criminals", — the band's guitarist Tom Williams comments: "The song is about the health industry and how illness is a business. Every year there is a new disease to be afraid of, more money to be made off of Cancer treatments, and more prescriptions written. We shot the video with the incredible Max Moore, who pulled off this 90's lo-fi VHS video fucking perfect. This is just the tip of the iceberg with this record. Fuck this system."

"Subliminal Criminals" cover art

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