​Schammasch "The Venom of Gods" track

The Swiss avant-garde/black metal band Schammasch's track "The Venom of Gods" is posted on YouTube. It appeared on their debut album "Sic Lvceat Lvx", which will be re-released on CD and vinyl on May 18 and 22 via Prosthetic Records.

"Sic Lvceat Lvx" was remastered by V. Santura, the guitarist of Triptykon and Dark Fortress. The album also will come out with a new cover art, created by the artist Valnoir (Behemoth, Alcest, Laibach, Paradise Lost, etc.).

Track listing:

  1. Lvx Æterna
  2. He Whose Face Is Made Of Entrails
  3. Chaos Reigns
  4. No Light From The Fires
  5. Black But Shining
  6. INRI
  7. The Venom Of Gods

Schammasch: track "INRI" from their re-issue of debut album


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