​Russian deputy's assistant spat in Belphegor's leader face

Anatoly Artyukh, the orthodox activist and the assistant of the deputy Vitaly Milonov, today attacked Belphegor’s leader Helmuth Lehner at the Pulkovo Airport, St. Petersburg.

As seen in the video above, Artyukh along with other activists waited for the Austrian black metal band Belphegor, who is currently on the tour in Russia. Waiting the musicians, Artyukh discussed with the band’s fans, telling in front of the camera about his views of the musicians' sexual and religious preferences.

As soon as Belphegor’s members were in the arrivals area, Artyukh went over to the band’s leader Helmuth Lehner and after the words, "Why did you come here? Translate it to him!", spat in the musician’s face. Lehner kicked and spat at his attacker, calling him "son of a bitch". The activist and the musician were quickly separated and a little later the band with its crew and promoters left the airport.

According to RIA Novosti, unlike Helmuth Lehner, Artyukh later went to the emergency room to verify battery-induced injuries. The deputy Vitaly Milonov told the reporters that he supports his assistant:

"I think this band should not be in Russia. We will try to prevent the concert by any means".

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