​Rotting Christ release lyric video "Heaven and Hell and Fire"

Greek black metallers Rotting Christ presented the second song from their upcoming album "The Heretics". Above, you can watch a lyric video for "Heaven and Hell and Fire", featuring narration by the journalist Dayal Patterson.

The band’s upcoming 13th LP titled "The Heretics" will be released on February 15, 2019 via Season of Mist. It was mixed by Jens Bogren at the Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. Earlier, the musicians unveiled the first track with "The Heretics", "Fire, God and Fear".

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After three years in the making, "Non Serviam: The Official Story Of Rotting Christ", which explores three decades of Rotting Christ’s biography, is to be out on November 30 via Cult Never Dies. A recent review of the book, written by Noizr Zine, can be read here. Follow the link to read the interview with its creators — the band’s leader Sakis Tolis and journalist, writer Dayal Patterson.

"The Heretics" tracklsit:

  1. In The Name of God
  2. Vetry Zlye (Ветры злые)
  3. Heaven and Hell and Fire
  4. Hallowed Be Thy Name
  5. Dies Irae
  6. I Believe (ΠΙΣΤΕΥΩ)
  7. Fire God And Fear
  8. The Voice of the Universe
  9. The New Messiah
  10. The Raven

"The Heretics" cover by Maximos Manolis


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