Rest in the pit: Musicians scattered fan’s ashes during their shows

The recently passed away American Nick from Illinois had a rather unusual last wish — before his death he asked friend to dispel his ashes during his favorite metal bands’ shows. This story became known through Dying Fetus’ post on Facebook.

"A Dying Fetus fan named Nick from Illinois recently passed away, and his wishes were to have his ashes scattered on stage at a Dying Fetus show, what do you think, should we do it?", the band appealed to their fans, later posting a comment, "We just scattered nicks ashes in the pit for his favourite song, homicidal retribution, may he RIP. Rest in the pit \m/".

Later on YouTube, Nick’s friend began to launch live videos from the concerts of metal bands who dispelled fan’s ashes during their performances. Now on David Rich’s user channel you can watch videos with Taake, Behemoth and 1349.

"I take nick's ashes with me every show that i go to so that he is there with me and at shows that he's missing out on. i love you nick. thank you so much Adam Nergal for doing this i couldn't have been happier. i appreciate this more then you know", written in description to the video from the Polish band Behemoth’s performance in Chicago.

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