​Fan fulfilled a dream by playing with Gojira

The Indian Abhinav Yogesh, a longtime fan of the French band Gojira, fulfilled his dream by playing with the musicians on a stage before their performance in the Netherlands.

"I had a dream and strongly believed in it. In early 2012 while working hard on covering Gojira’s songs, I kept telling myself and hoping that one day I will get to jam with Gojira. On 25th December (2012) thats exactly what happened, I got a chance to jam with Joe Duplantier (Gojira’s vocalist and guitarist — Noizr Zine). I have been saving up and travelling from India to watch Gojira live on tour. Till now I have seen 24 shows in the States and Europe," — Abhinav Yogesh

Since 2010, Yogesh has visited 17 concerts before on July 18, 2015 he played with the band during their sound check before the show in Luxembourg. The next joint jam took place before the concert in Nijmegen on Abhinav’s Birthday, on August 24. Yogesh and Gojira performed together the songs "L'Enfant Sauvage" taken from the same-named album and "Oroborus" from "The Way of All Flesh". Live footage from "Oroborus" performaning can be watched above.

In early June, Gojira has announced to start recording the sixth album in its new studio "Silver Cord" in New York. In the nearest plans of the band are concerts in South America.

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