One-woman black metal band Myrkur releases new track "Mordet"

The Dane Amalie Bruun, who is the only member of black metal project Myrkur, shared her new track "Mordet". The composition will be released on the debut full-length album "M" on August 21 via Relapse Records.

Earlier, Myrkur has posted the video for the song "Onde Børn". Below you can also listen to the track "Skøgen Skulle Dø", taken from the album "M", and the cover version of Bathory's "Song To Hall Up High".


  1. Skøgen Skulle Dø
  2. Hævnen
  3. Onde Børn
  4. Vølvens Spådom
  5. Jeg er Guden, I er Tjenerne
  6. Nordlys
  7. Mordet
  8. Byssan Lull
  9. Dybt i Skoven
  10. Skadi
  11. Norn

"M" cover artwork

Photo by Jacob Dinesen


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