Obscura: video for album "Akroasis" title song

The German progressive metal band Obscura released the music video for the song "Akroasis". It’s a title track of the band’s fourth album which will came out on February 5, 2016 via Relapse Records.

"Akroasis" tracklist:

  1. Sermon of the Seven Suns
  2. The Monist
  3. Akróasis
  4. Ten Sepiroth
  5. Ode to the Sun
  6. Fractal Dimension
  7. Perpetual Infinity
  8. Weltseele

Deluxe vinyl bonus track:

  1. Melos

In support of their new album, Obscura will go on the European tour next March, headed by Death Dta with Steve Di Giorgio (Death,Testament, Sadus), Gene Hoglan (Death,Testament, Dark Angel), Bobby Koelble (Death) and Max Phelps (Exist) from the concert line-up of currently split-up band Death.

Obscur Death Dta Tour


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