"Mrakobesie I": Second To Sun video tells story of "normal family evening in Povolzhye"

The Russian project Second To Sun revealed the debut video for the song "Mrakobesie I". The full version of the 10-minute track has appeared on the album "Blackbound", which was released in November 2016.

The band comments:

"Dear friends and fans of Finno-Ugric metal,
Not without a moderate amount of pride and satisfaction we would like to announce that the works on our first ever music video are concluded. Feast yer eyes on the Mrakobesie music video that is darker than dark, reeks of influences from such visionaries as E. Elias Merhige and Tod Browning, as well as classic black metal music videos, and tells the story of a normal family evening in Povolzhye.Please note that the story depicted in the song is only available in Russian, as it is pretty much impossible to fully grasp the atmosphere and idiosyncrasies of what's happening in any other language. And now, all eyes on the screen."

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