​Second To Sun release single "Vasilisa"

The Russian avant-garde metal band Second To Sun released the single "Vasilisa". According to the project’s members, the track’s artwork is based on Ivan Bilibin's picture for the tale "Vasilisa the Beautiful" drawn in 1900. The plot from the fairy tale with Baba Yaga partly became the basis for the musical part of the song.

Second To Sun commented on the single: "Vasilisa the Beautiful — the character of Russian fairy tales, and also eponymous drawing of an outstanding artist of the Russian Empire Ivan Bilibin. He was born in the Finnish village Seppälänkylä (smithy village), not far from St. Petersburg. There is a legend that Ivan has Finnish or Karelian origin: indirect confirmation of that is that the picture "Vasilisa the Beautiful" was painted in many places of the different regions populated by northern Finno-Ugric peoples in that time, and the prototype for the picture was created in Vesegonsk county of the Tver province: the woman in the foreground was a native Karelian from Yogna village."


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