​Moonsorrow release video "Suden Tunti"

The Finnish pagan metal band Moonsorrow presented the music video for the song "Suden Tunti" from the new album "Jumalten Aika".

Mitja Harvilahti comments: "Writing music without compromises is hard enough. Making a video that catches the same spirit without compromises and awkward moments that takes away the credibility is even harder! We had a thought for some time that only an animated video with enough artistic flavour would work. Since Suden Tunti is somewhat based on actual myths it was possible to create the world where the script takes place!"

"Jumalten Aika" comes out on April 1 via Century Media Records. In support of the new release, Moonsorrow go with Korpiklaani to the joint European tour, which dates can be found here.

Earlier Moonsorrow unleashed "Non Serviam", the cover for the Greek band Rotting Christ's track. This song will appear on the band’s upcoming album bonus disc.

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