​Meet all-black black metal band Demogoroth Satanum from South Africa

The UPROXX channel released a video about the band Demogoroth Satanum, which calls itself itself the first all-black black metal act from South Africa.

The description to the video:

"South Africa's first all-black black metal band, Demogoroth Satanum, is overcoming the country's dark past with every tension-breaking show.

"Metal represents everything that African youth want: an identity that they discovered and cherish, not one that is chosen for them"

In the new South Africa, even though things are still recovering from Apartheid, there’s a new generation who have no connection to the old rules. The rules that told the last generation you can’t be who you are. The "born free" generation don’t have the same societal mentality...they don’t feel bound to be something they’re not. They feel free to express themselves fully...even if it means playing music that goes against their traditional culture. Their music isn’t in protest. These guys are creating a community from scratch in an area where rock music isn’t common.

In South Africa, heavy metal is traditionally a genre associated with young, white kids. So how did black metal band Demogoroth Satanum come to be and how did the town of Soweto become a scene for black punk metal bands?"

Demogoroth Satanum was created in 2009 in Soweto, Gauteng, (Johannesburg, South Africa) by the guitarist Brian (Trronum) and the drummer Martin (Funeral) in June 2009. Later, the group, which among its influences calls Watain, Azaghal, 1349, Dark Funeral, Carpe Tenebrum and Naxzul, was joined by the second guitarist Modiba (Belgaroth), the vocalist Sabelo (Lord Azazel), and the bassist Thapelo (Thane Bellicose). Since its creation, the band has released "Flesh Viaticum to a Dying God" demo in 2010, "True Black" EP in 2012, and "Kingdom ov Hell" single in 2014. According to Facebook, Demogoroth Satanum is currently "working on polishing their sound and spreading their message through their music across the stages all over South Africa".

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